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Education is the most powerful weapon which can be used to change the world.This is the only tool to remove the darkness of ignornce from the society. Information Technology has become the backbone off all the productive activities today. It is not only the fastest growing industry but it is the most successful and most profitable industry also.For this very purpose we have initiated a worldwide program named ARCADE COMPUTER ACADEMY(ACA).

Through this program we are imparting IT education and IT enabled services through a worldwide educational network. On the completion of successful years of incredible performance.

ARCADE COMPUTER ACADEMY(ACA) is built on a foundation to promote greater access to quality higher education, cutting-edge research and contribution to the society. ACA provides generic skills together with flexibility, adaptability and passion for life-long learning. While simultaneously equipping young people with the best basis for carrers inany area, including industry and unforeseen needs of the future.

I congratulate you on your decision to join ACA to pursue your higher education. Teaching-learning process is not merely for profit it is for nation building as well. ACA with its associate distance education provider universities/organizations will strive together to cater to your academic needs and see that you come out of your courses with flying colors.

We wish you great success in all your endeavors and quest for a better tomorrow, for yourselves and for the mankind.

Warm Regards